In the excitement leading up to the Garden Show, we have interviewed Ms. Melanie Palmrose of Almost Ancient Pots!

Residence Inn Amelia Island: How many years have you been a part of the Garden Show?

Melanie Palmrose: Since the beginning – this is our 4th year.

RIAI: If you could explain your love for gardening/pots in one sentence, what would you say?

MP: My favorite day starts with coffee on my deck, cats by my side, looking over my little garden and planning my day’s work on planters and garden projects; and when the day ends, a glass of wine on the deck and dirt under my nails – outdoors with my plants and pots all day – is my consuming passion.

RIAI: What’s your favorite full shade flower, dappled sun flower, partial sun flower, and full sun flower?

MP: For shade to partial sun, I love the justicia family. For full sun, old fashioned roses and pentas.

RIAI: Do you sing to your plants?

MP: I don’t want to scare them – but I talk to them.

RIAI: What’s your favorite nonhuman garden visitor? (lizards? ladybugs? a certain bug that has a symbiotic relationship with your plants?)

MP: My cats, and visitor cats, love my garden as much as I do. On the wild side, the butterflies in the daytime and the raccoons at night.

RIAI: Where is Almost Ancient Pots located?

MP: In the Arlington neighborhood of Jax.

RIAI: How did you get started with pots? Did you start out with horticulture and then expand into pots, or did you begin with the pots themselves?

MP: I’ve been gardening all my life. A number of years ago, in need of ceu’s for my horticulture certificate, I saw a class in Orlando on a day I was off of work. Off I went, having no idea what hypertufa was or where it would lead.

RIAI: Are there certain plants/flowers that do particularly well in your hypertufa pots?

MP: Any plant except a water plant does well, but herbs, bromeliads, succulents and orchids love them. These are all plants that we often overwater, and that appreciate the air circulation around their root zone.

RIAI: Is there any kind of upkeep needed for the pots?

MP: No.

You can visit Melanie at her spot in the Garden Show the first weekend of March! Check out our previous Garden Show post for the event information and the link to book with us at a $40 savings, then bring your roomkey for free admission to the Show!