The Residence Inn Marriott Amelia Island is nestled amongst a beautiful sand-dune that the owners chose to save rather than destroy and build over. Surrounded by nature’s beauty, the Residence Inn shines as one of Amelia Island’s treasure. This month we celebrated 7 years of treasured guests, associates, and memories from all over! These are a few of those fun moments.

Dottie, Director of Sales and Marketing

Throughout Dottie’s 7 years with Residence Inn Marriott Amelia Island she has made many memories and friends. Her favorite moment was when she received the Meyer Jabara Mirror Award in 2011. When she first interviewed for the Position of Director of Sales & Marketing her goal was to become a MJ Mirror as she had read all about the principles and journey culture that MJ lived by. She was so surprised and honored by her nomination and achievement of becoming a Mirror and especially overwhelmed with emotion when she found out her own daughter had written the nomination! She still spends every day striving to be an example to associates throughout our Meyer Jabara Hotels family.

Patsy, Laundry

Patsy is a Charter Member, just as Dottie, at the Residence Inn. She has been a vital part of our Housekeeping and Laundry staff over the last 7 years. Her favorite and funniest memory happened prior to the opening of the hotel on a day they were working on getting all the extra supplies distributed amongst the closets throughout the hotel. As she finished getting things organized in the closet and went to leave, to her surprise she found that the door was locked, and the handle was on backwards with no way to get out. Luckily another associate heard her knocks on the door and was able to get her out. Where this experience may have scared some, Patsy said it was no big deal, just a funny memory!

Alice, Director of Housekeeping

Alice joined the Residence Inn team prior to opening the hotel, however she was very nervous about joining the team but was quickly reassured that she had made the best decision. She came into work with a mission, to get all of the supplies that were currently stored in one room, floor to ceiling boxes, redistributed throughout the hotel. She readied the team and told them the plan first thing in the morning; everyone thought she was a little crazy but they jumped right in to help! Within 6 hours the room was completely empty and closets were stocked. She was so impressed with everyone’s can-do attitude and team spirit that she knew she made the right decision; Residence Inn was and is her home!

Amongst the great memories and a wonderful staff are some pretty impressive numbers. Here are a few facts of all the faces we’ve seen and incorporated into our hotel family.

Housekeeping has cleaned over 230,000 suites over the last 7 years which has provided over 365,000 guests a comfortable space to relax and unwind. Our Sales Department has sold over 28,000 group rooms accommodating wedding parties, family reunions, corporate events, and anniversary celebrations. Breakfast has made and served over 280,000 eggs and almost 75,000 pounds of bananas. Our team has raised over $6,000 for Relay for Life charity with over 100 volunteer hours.

This is an exceptional team with outstanding customer service and love for the community. We celebrate 7 years and look forward to celebrating many more with our associates and guests! Thank you to everyone who has traveled to our Treasure of Amelia Island and to all of our wonderful associates!