FL-GA logo 2013

How big is this rivalry, you ask?
How close the series record?

Well, let’s see! In the image below, rows highlighted in red represent Georgia wins, and those in blue represent Florida wins:

FL-GA series record pic

Now, in my personal, professional, and completely unbiased opinion, there are a few too many rows highlighted in red!

However, the FL/GA Classic proves to remain one of the greatest college football rivalries in history. The stakes are high, the playsite neutral, the weekends – unforgettable!

We here at the Residence Inn Amelia Island will be celebrating the big weekend here at our Amelia Island hotel, just 30 minutes north of the game. Guests can join us for our Kickoff Cookout on Friday, 11/01, complete with live entertainment! Throughout the weekend, the hotel will be decked out in all the orange and blue and red and black you can handle!

So – what colors will YOU be wearing?!