Okay bear with me. This is happening.

Residence Inn Amelia Island State of Mind
(Sung to Billy Joel’s ‘New York State of Mind’)

[As the piano solo begins, envision Egan's Creek Greenway and waves crashing on the shores]

Some folks like to get away, take a holiday from the neighborhood
Hop a flight to Fernandina Beach, where the seafood’s good!
Don’t need a Greyhound – take a spot in our free shuttle’s line…
You’re in an Amelia state of mind.
(Mmmmmm mm mmmmmmm)

See all the sparkling stars on the pier at night or Fort Clinch State Park
Carriage tour down on Centre Street, or walk the beach at dark!
I know what you’re needin’ – and you don’t want to waste more time
You’re in an Amelia state of mind.
(Mmmmmm mm mmmmm)

It’s so easy livin’ day by day
We can bring your groceries to your room…
Say you need a little free Wifi
Well we have that, and U.S. Daily too.

It comes down to spaciousness, and that’s fine with us, ’cause we’ve got square feet!
Don’t mind sending dry cleaning out, or providing a room to mee-eet!
We have pet-friendly rooms, so don’t leave them all behiiind
You’re in an Amelia state of miiiind. (whooaa yeah)

It’s so easy livin’ day by day
Play putt-putt, on our green by the pool
Say you need hot foooood to start your day
Will waffles do? We have oatmeal toooooo whoooaaa whoa oh whoooaaa

It comes down to bike rentals, and that’s fine with us if you like to ride!
Don’t mind bringing you extra towels – you got to be dryyy!
We don’t have any reason, not to invite you to Bob’s Toast tonight -
You’re in an Amelia state of mind.

Call our front desk Treasure Guides!
And leave your, world behind
Cause you’re in a [piano riff]
You’re in a A-meeee-liii-aaa [sax riff]
State offff