Heart Connections: Learn Something New Every Day.

“Those shoes… I don’t know how you women walk in ‘em. My wife used
to wear them all the time, but not so much anymore!” The older
gentleman offered with a chuckle from a few feet away. I had just
walked in for my final interview and was wearing some killer heels
that I felt gave me an edge and enough confidence to calm my nerves.
Carefully chosen for their “carpe diem!” personality, I’d figured I’d
be the only one who’d really notice them peeking from my dark slacks.
This gentleman was quick to prove otherwise, however, and I happily
engaged his conversation, thankful for a deterrent from my anxious
thoughts. This Amelia frequenter was taking a break from his trip
from Clearwater, FL, to Charlotte, NC, and seemed to know every Guide
by name, and they certainly knew him! He shared about his days in the
military, his various experiences living up and down the coast, and
especially the history of my own hometown, which he knew like the back
of his hand right down to the lesser-known nickname of our signature
dish – Lowcountry Boil. As my tour of the Inn began, I couldn’t help
wondering to myself about how many stories I would be able to hear,
and what I would learn from each guest I encountered, if I was taken
on at this roomy Residence Inn just a short walk from Fernandina Beach. So
far, the guests I had met during my visits had each described
themselves as regulars, and it was easy to see that though the
hallways and rooms shown to me were modern and comfortable with plenty
of room to stretch out and unwind, the whole place seems to be held
together by a comforting belt of friendly Guides, each of whom already
seemed to know my name and were apparently on a first-name basis with
guests and certainly each other. During my previous interview, one of
the Directors had named her favorite part of the job as learning
something new every day, even after being in the business for 25
years. She had put down my resume and her pen, and smiled as she
nodded her head assertively, saying again, “Every day. Something new.
I love it.”
A few minutes later I was in Bob’s office, the General
Manager of the Inn, as he asked me if I had any questions for him.
After some logistics questions, I did have one last one: “What’s your
favorite thing about coming to work every day?” And he said, “I learn
something new every day. It never gets old.” I just smiled and
laughed to myself, nodding my head in agreement as I thought back to
the older guest who’d told me things I’d never even known about the
very town in which I’d grown up. Shaking hands with Bob, I walked
out, excited to see what would be in the lesson plan for Monday.