Tonight I walked into work and was immediately warmed up by the lit Christmas tree, pretty wreath above the fireplace, and our Holiday Village up behind the front desk. It was pretty quiet up front but as I made my way to the office, Bob (GM), Dottie (Sales Manager), and Natalie (Sales Coordinator) were all laughing together. I got a few “Hey Casey!”s and clocked in smiling. What a way to start a shift.

Dottie followed up with me about a couple of items, and I saw her leg propped up and under ice – looks like she’s still recovering from a little trip a couple days ago. She mentioned that Natalie had offered to take her place at the Cookout so that she could rest her leg. She referenced the conference they had recently attended together, and she seemed to ponder aloud that they had been trying to apply what they had learned from the conference to their everyday lives. It sounds like Natalie is doing a good job – even a seemingly small act of kindness like taking on the standing-required greeting role at the cookout so Dottie could rest is a sign that she is really letting the lessons drop from her head, to her heart. I find the older I get, the more resistant we can be to letting a lesson really sink in and change us, so her flexibility is refreshing and encouraging.

I’m not entirely sure what the conference was all about, but this act inspired me. Maybe it’s the Christmas tree and holiday decor talking, or maybe it’s the meatballs from tonight’s evening social that is putting me in this happy mood. It seems like goodwill is flowing throughout the staff effortlessly. Of course, as it gets later, and guests are snug in their rooms, I’m left alone with my thoughts to wonder how I might be able to “pay it forward” myself.

So here’s what I came up with – Have you ever been the recipient of an unexpected act of kindness, or have you ever been inspired to pay it forward? Tell us your story here below, and in return, upon your next stay with us, receive a $25 Spa and Dining Voucher upon check-in, good for the participating locations of Brett’s Waterway Cafe, Sliders Seaside Grill, the Ritz Carlton Spa, and PLAE (People Laughing and Eating). Offer good through February with any regular-rate stay! :) [Maybe Vicki and Tina should make those meatballs more often, huh?] -Casey