It’s 8:54pm on Wednesday night. Ashbell, our heroine from the previous post has been increasingly supportive of my efforts with getting our social media platforms to the next level, and innocently asks me what the blog is going to be about this week. Inwardly, I panic. Outwardly, I remain stoic, admitting that I wasn’t exactly sure, but confident that the right topic would present itself if I’d just. stop. moving.
I close all our social media tabs and make myself lay my head back against the chair, and just listen. Listen for the overall lesson of the day. I think back to earlier, when one of my managers, Dru, was so patiently talking me through some of the inner workings of the front desk responsibilities, including remedies to mistakes I had made over the busy weekend. I had felt the need to quickly show that I wouldn’t make those mistakes again and that I fully intended on doing better next time, but she had calmed me, taking on some of the responsibility the way good leaders do and reminding me that Rome wasn’t built in a day and I’ll learn it soon enough. I would say something here about her (and everyone else’s, for that matter!) reassurance and confidence in my abilities, but the words wouldn’t do justice.
I check out this morning’s NY Nails manicure and think of how that was about an hour spent being made to relax. Admiring the sparkle, I overhear a guest asking about the directions to the local sports grille. He asks if, instead of taking the inner roads, he might be able to take Fletcher in order to see a little bit of the water on the way to the sports grille. I loved it – just a question overheard, probably already forgotten by its asker, but I feel like it said so much about this gentleman, that he wanted to get the most out of even ‘just’ the drive to Halftime.
Some of my favorite times are when our guests have asked for alternate routes to St. Augustine and Daytona, “something that doesn’t involve I-95, please.” I like to print them out a map of their A1A directions, explaining how they can even choose to take their car on the ferry for $6 if they are REALLY looking for a little something extra en route to their destination. I imagine what the couples talk about while driving under the tree canopies, or what the single driver ponders on this, his road less travelled.
And I realize, yes, I am one of the lucky ones. Every day, I am surrounded by management who is relaxed in their confidence of their team’s abilities. I greet guests who, at most, are rushing off to a convention or business meeting, but have already asked me where they should go to unwind afterward. I am 3 blocks from the beach and a couple hundred feet from a trail head into a beautiful nature trail. Every where I turn, I am reminded: “It’s okay. Slow down. Why you rushing?”