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Top Amelia Island Events | Residence Inn Returns as Host Hotel for Great Southern Tailgate Cookoff!

Would you do it? Would you get up hours in advance of the 8am team check in time, with all your gear ready to be set up? Would you cook, grill, smoke, and roast for hours on end for – and competing against – complete strangers? …Would you do it for $20,000? That’s what these more than 50 professional and

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Top Events in Amelia Island | Great Southern Tailgate Cook-Off!

Let’s talk about low. Let’s talk about slow. Let’s talk about which is more important, sauce or taste of the meat? Let’s talk about officially sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbecue Society. Oh yeah. YOU know what we’re talkin’ about. The best thing to ever hit your olfactory senses is returning to Amelia Island for its 4th year: the Great

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